Herculaneum Tour

Herculaneum is also called the “sister” of Pompeii this enchanting archaeological site is even better preserved then Pompeii. Second stories of the building, carbonized objects and extraordinary mosaics and frescos will be admired. Find the details of an ideal tour of the site:


Herculaneum map

map of Herculaneum

Herculaenum map


Tour type: Archaeology and History tour; Private tour;

Walking Tour Price: 65 €/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Duration: 2 hours; 2,5 hours

Running days: Every day

Main visited places: Northern Cardo (road oriented north-south), the House of the Skeleton,Thermopolium (restaurant food), Men’s Thermal Bath, Temple of Augustali, Forum (main square), House of the Black Saloon, House  of Neptune and Amphitrite, House of Bel Cortile, the Samnite House, the House of the Wooden Partition, the Bakery, the Gym, the Home of the Bucks, the Marina gate, terrace of Marcus Nonius Balbus and the beach.

Meeting Point: ticket office.

How to reach Herculaneum :

By train: From Naples you can take circumvesuviana local train, direction Sorrento, after half an hour you will reach the stop called “Ercolano scavi”. It is your stop. The site is far from the station just 8 minutes walking

By car: A3 Naples-Salerno motorway (Ercolano exit)

Click on this link to organise your shore excursion in Herculaneum



INFO: herculaneumguide@gmail.com +39 3284134719

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