Herculaneum Tour

Herculaneum is also called the “sister” of Pompeii this enchanting archaeological site is even better preserved then Pompeii. Second stories of the building, carbonized objects and extraordinary mosaics and frescos will be admired. Find the details of an ideal tour of the site:


Tour type: Archaeology and History tour; Private tour;

Walking Tour Price: 65 €/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Duration: 2 hours; 2,5 hours

Running days: Every day

Main visited places: Northern Cardo (road oriented north-south), the House of the Skeleton,Thermopolium (restaurant food), Men’s Thermal Bath, Temple of Augustali, Forum (main square), House of the Black Saloon, House  of Neptune and Amphitrite, House of Bel Cortile, the Samnite House, the House of the Wooden Partition, the Bakery, the Gym, the Home of the Bucks, the Marina gate, terrace of Marcus Nonius Balbus and the beach.

Meeting Point: ticket office.

How to reach Herculaneum :

By train: From Naples you can take circumvesuviana local train, direction Sorrento, after half an hour you will reach the stop called “Ercolano scavi”. It is your stop. The site is far from the station just 8 minutes walking

By car: A3 Naples-Salerno motorway (Ercolano exit)

Click on this link to organise your shore excursion in Herculaneum


INFO: herculaneumguide@gmail.com +393929086462

Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.24.51
Thermopolium was a commercial establishment where it was possible to purchase ready‐to‐eat food
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.24.57
Both the male and female baths, which are next to each other, are well preserved. They were fed by a large well, which brought water from a depth of 8.25m, heated by a large furnace and distributed around the baths by a network of pipes that also served to provide central heaAng.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.25.03
College of the Augustales. The Augustales were an order of Roman priests responsible for aFending to the maintenance of the cult of Augustus, who was considered the first emperor of the Roman Empire.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.25.08
Domus was the type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.25.16
The Samnite House ‐ This is one of the oldest properAes so far discovered on the site. ExcavaAons suggest that, at various Ames, the upper floor was rented out and the courtyard was sold off. What remains now is a large roofed and elegantly decorated atrium with a few small rooms around it.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.25.20
The Gymnasium funcAoned as a training facility for compeAtors in public games. It was also a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.25.26
The terrace of Marco Nonio Balbo, Senator and proconsul of the provinces of Crete and Cyrene and a patron of Herculaneum. Upon his death, he was cremated at this locaAon and his ashed stored here.
Schermata 04-2457126 alle 12.37.29
The Sacred Area ‐ This western terrace contains two sacelli at its westmost end and, like the adjoining Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus, was built over vaulted boat houses lining the ancient shore.

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